Looking for Trouble (lyrics)

Erin Jordan


*This is a tale of innocence lost in train tunnels, a techno dance club, and seedy bathroom stalls and alley ways. Moreover, is the story of Catholic school girl gone bad. It is also a pop song.*


You were holed up in your basement smoking cigarettes - playing video games. You were holed up in your sorrows - Catholic school girls are supposed to turn out good. In the nice neighborhood where the grass is all green and all the houses look the same - and all the people look the same, she said the people look the same..... If your looking for trouble you can follow me there..... We board the midnight train to the bottom of the sea but it's just illusion if you think we're getting deep. Paranoia hit - you say "they're all looking at me". I can buy you a stiff one girl, but not your sanity. Everyone is higher than high walking on a ledge lucky not to fall. The lights are all flashing and the music is too loud. When your painted lips move he won't hear a sound. Looking at the freak show with eyes that are too green, trading dirty money with hands that are too clean, what was she supposed to become - what was she supposed to be? Bloodshed in the alley, tears on my sleeve - you've gotten what you wanted so maybe we should leave. Through the diry tunnel, back to the grassy lawn - and I promise I won't tell your mama what you've done......