California Dreamin' (lyrics)

Erin Jordan


*This is sort of a love song to San Francisco. It was inspired by a stay at the California' Dreamin hostel in the Mission District.*


He sleeps on the top bunk for 12 hours every day. He can sleep with his eyes wide open to keep the thieves away. I think he works at some factory all through the night and then climbs back to top bunk before it is light outside again. They call him the dead man and I am the punk rock fan. It cost a fortune to rent a closet so I just stay here instead. This place is pretty cheap if you rent it by the week - and there is even a TV and and some real good company most of the time. This is California Dreamin' starring at the dusty ceiling. In the mission district you can't help but pray. Oklahoma is so far away and this state is supposed to break away but I think I'm here to stay. I think I'm here to stay. I do downtown sometimes where everything looks up and the people drink their coffee out of paper cups. I wonder what they'll leave behind after they die - lots of paper cups and long straight narrow lines. Who are these silly girls? When will they go? I'm sure they gave real nice jobs and boyfriends back home. It's fun to try on someone's pain for just a little time. Then you can stretch it out and look at it and hang it up to dry out again. Eveything is pastel here it looks like candy land - accept the dives are more dreadful and palaces more grand. And the spirits of the great are rumbling the ground. All those unfinished souls who just sucked up life too hard.