Circus Song (lyrics)

Erin Jordan and The Whiskey Romance
Erin Jordan


Filthy hands, filthy floor, filthy faith and what's more We came to this place to be less pure We came to this place to wash ourselves clean And then become dirty once more You came from a place where there was nothing to do This town is like a great big circus to you We defied all the rules and broke the curfews And stripped off all there is to loose Now we are working on our masterpeices one day at a time The sun will keep us warm and the moon will make us shine These days are so significant but somehow they still pass You think you are Jack Kerouac I think I am Sylvia Plath I try to ween you off the bottle But you get so bored with water Boy, you are like such a toddler to me You try to ween me off depression but I say there is no more beautiful expression of never getting bored with your own pain..... We can't go back out through the front door Because the bread crumbs got eaten by all those crows So 1,2,3 - here we go And this harvest rain won't fall down drop by drop Cause when it rains in this season It pours down on us When it rains in this season it pours down on us The second hand keeps ticking on like it must And I feel the south wind blowing me back up north