Winchester and Thomas (lyrics)

Erin Jordan


This is a song I wrote a few years ago and recorded for the RPM Challenge. The bar I met my husband at is at the corner of Winchester and Thomas. You truly can smell it a block away. This is a love song.


Those pretty hazel eyes take me back to the place On the corner of Winchester and Thomas You could smell that bar a block a way for two straight years I would play For gin or whiskey or cash under the table I remember when I saw you at that party I dragged you in to the kitchen and made you do a shot with me I pulled a curl of your hair and the next thing I knew you weren’t there Just some other guy telling me I shouldn’t drive home The Ukrainian village isn’t Ukrainian anymore Sometimes I think I’ve lost all my keys and keep breaking down these doors I should have kept closed Now its Saturday night and I just got home from work I’m drinking alone and feeling like a jerk True love is so hard to find and sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind A night of debauchery like when we were younger But were not fresh as those spring daisies anymore And sometimes I think I’ve lost all my keys and keep breaking down those doors I should have kept closed When the hour gets this late and when the moon gets that haze When the ether flows through my viens That’s when I miss Illinois and that’s when I miss that boy But sometimes I see his eye pearing back at me Through the keyholes of the doors I locked past bridges that I have walked over but could never seem to burn And through the glass in front of me And sometimes I get down on my knees and pray like hell that he’ll come back to me,