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Private Guitar and Piano Lessons


Erin Jordan offers instruction in both guitar and piano.  

Background: In 2000 Erin earned a Bachelors of Music from Eastern Illinois University, majoring in Music Education with an emphasis in Voice.  Her past experience includes working as a public school music teacher in the Chicago area for three years, and working as a music teacher for the Evanston, Illinois Park District's Fine Arts Summer Camp.  Her summer camp experience also includes working as a Guitar Instructor and Band Coach for Seattle's Rain City Rock Camp.  Most recently, Erin has been teaching piano and musical theatre classes with Seattle's Littlest Performers.  She is a certified music teacher in the state of Washington with endorsements in Elementary General Music and Secondary Choral Music.  

Philosophy:  Erin believes that students excel at learning an instrument when it is fun.  She gears her lessons toward what students are insterested in learning and likes to get students playing songs they enjoy as soon as possible.  

Guitar lessons: Erin has been playing guitar for 18 years and teaches guitar through playing by ear, reading tablature, understanding basic music theory, and note reading.  Generally she uses note reading with younger students and playing by ear with older students who do not know how to read music.  Every lesson is designed to match the student's interests. Her specialties are the following:

-acoustic guitar

-teaching children and teens

-finger picking

-teaching beginners

-music theory

-songwriting coaching

Piano Lessons: Erin has been playing piano since childhood, but did not get serious about the instrument until she was in college.  While working on her music degree she learned to read off of chord charts, play by ear, and better understand sheet music through understanding music theory.  Her teaching method combines sight reading, reading chord symbols, and playing by ear.  Her specialties are:

-beginning piano:  This includes learning to read treble and bass clef, reading common musical symbols, becoming familiar with common fingerings, and coordination of both hands. All of this is taught through learning to play songs.

-teaching children

-music theory and understanding chord symbols

-teaching singers how to accompany themselves

Rates and Scheduling:

*Standard rate for child beginners at their home - South or West Seattle: $25. for 1/2 hour lesson*

Erin charges $20 - $35 based on the skill level of the student and how far she is traveling.  She gives lessons in her home and can also come to yours.  She offers a free 15 minute consultation before setting up lessons.  Contact her at

You can also view Erin's profile on Take Lessons, but please contact her directly through this website!

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