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Erin Jordan: Music

Fire Escape (lyrics)

(Erin Jordan)
Live for the day - it is what the devil made me say - but this time I will just blame it on my own brain. I look outside my window and I see the fire escape of the building next door - 10 feet beyond my face and nothing more.

I can wait until your birthday - then I will have some sort of excuse - to steal the ball out of your court, or maybe climb your fence or scale your roof.

I built my great brick castle on a soggy sappy marsh - now I am looking for some firmer ground - even if it's in your cardboard house. You go off burning bridges, but my arms are strong to swim - they could sure be put to better use, but I keep diving right back in.

I could wait until it's Christmas time, but Christmas seems so far away. I could send you a card on a holiday - I can always do things the polite way.

You can not try to reason with the unreasonable - but anyone in love is unreasonable and any poet is unreasonalble. Do you think that I am unreasonable........maybe I am unreasonable.

I could wait until some big crisis but there really is no crisis here. I could wait until some big crisis. The water here is blue but it's clear. The water here is blue.....