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Erin Jordan: Music

Train Song

(Erin Jordan)
Mystery unfurls, as another night swirls to an end - on a 3AM train
The second hand leaves the night and approaches the daylight
Panhandling for time or an ear to listen - but some change wouldn't hurt
He asks for a smoke and thinks it's a lie when he hears I'm down to my last....

And he feels obliged to tell us what the good book says
Hallelujah, hosanna on high
He says I don't know about you, my friends,
But I know where I'm going when I die
Where I'm going.......
Beauty is eternal but pretty is sure fleeting
And history is repeating again and again and again and again and again......
He said If Jesus Christ came back down to the earth today
I know just what he would do and what he'd say
Hallelujah, hosanna on high
He said I know where I'm going when I die......
There is no other side to this track - it runs right through
Every part of town and every part of you
And you can say - Hey, just another harmless drunk
Hallelujah, hosanna on high
And you can say that people don't have souls - they're just experiences
You can try and try and try.....